About us

Welcome to Cococlimbingjewelry!

We are a small family business from Europe and we had developed a line of rock climbing jewelry out of our passion for climbing.

We entirely design and produce our jewelry line and we strive for exquisite quality in our work.

Most  of the climbing jewelry that we produce are fully functional exactly like the real ones (e.g. carabiners, cam, caving ascender, quick link).


You can find here rock climbing jewelry made with great care for details and a very special finishing.


If you are happy with your purchase please tell a friend :) And if you are not please tell us and we will do our best solve any problem that may occur.


You will find our items sold only by us in this shop. We do not collaborate with resellers in selling our products.

See the video bellow for further details about our work.


Leonidio Apartments - accommodation for rock climbers in Leonidio, the new climbing destination in Greece